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If you are thinking of getting tattooed on your next trip to Thailand then you are going to need to find a reputable Bangkok Tattoo Studio.

The Bangkok Tattoo Studio is an online directory of some of the best Bangkok Tattoo Studio that Thailand has to offer. If your looking for a Bangkok Tattoo Studio in Bangkok,  then you will soon find a list and review of some of the very best Bangkok Tattoo Studio available.

Have you visited a Bangkok Tattoo Studio that you wish to recommend? Then please make us aware of the Bangkok Tattoo Studio in question so that we may publish a review.

Do you own, work at or run a Bangkok Tattoo Studio? If so then ‘sawadee krap’, we would like to hear from you and publish news of your studio, your artists and your work.

Welcome to  Thai Tattoo Studio. We hope that in time you find the site interesting and informative.

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